Clarity about contracts and laws is a fundamental part of consumer protection. A book that helps Maryland consumers understand their rights and obligations in HOA and condo communities-without needing a law degree-is an important contribution to the field.

- Marceline White,
Executive Director
Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition

At the heart of good governance in common ownership communities is an accurate knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of residents and management alike. In Happy Homes, author Jeanne Ketley, Ph.D., demystifies the laws regulating Maryland HOA and condominium associations, providing citizens with a well-researched, informative and easy-to-understand guide to life in the Free State’s self-governing neighborhoods.

- Rand H. Fishbein, Ph.D.
First Vice-President
Maryland Homeowners’ Association

As the primary sponsor of the 2005 Senate Bill which created the 2005-2006 Maryland Task Force on Common Ownership Communities, I welcome this Consumer Guide which provides greatly needed non-technical education to both boards of condos and HOAs, as well as to rank and file homeowners in these communities.

- Senator Delores G. Kelley

In a day of confusing, ever changing and hard to follow Maryland Condo and HOA law, homeowners and association board members need a clear reference guide to all the important things they need to know.

- Boyd McGinn, Realtor
Associate Broker
RE/MAX 100

As a member of the Maryland General Assembly serving on the committee that addresses real estate issues, I know full well how great a need there is for this publication which addresses HOA and Condo laws in plain and clear language.
As a resident for 26 years in a HOA in Columbia, I also know what a positive impact a clear understanding of these laws can have on the lives of HOA and Condo residents.

- Delegate Elizabeth Bobo

Some of the most confusing law on the books references HOA’s and Condo Associations. A reference guide to untangle the legal terminology is a blessing for most home and condo owners. As a member of the Housing and Real Property Subcommittee, I have been in the forefront of proposed new legislation and have found Jeanne Ketley a valuable resource for HOA and Condo issues.

Pamela G. Beidle
Maryland House of Delegates