Dot Sager Dedication



Chapter 1: Rights and Responsibilities
Rights and Responsibilities of Homeowners
Rights and Responsibilities of Board Members

Chapter 2: Who Has Access to What?
Openness and Transparency
Access to Financial Statements and Meeting Minutes
Right of Access to Books and Records

Chapter 3: How Rules Are Made and Changed
Order of Precedence of Laws and Documents
Condominium Rule-Making Procedure
Amending Bylaws

Chapter 4: Resolving Disputes
The Contract Lien Act
Consumer Protection

Chapter 5: How Information Should Get Around
Annual Meeting
Distribution of Written Information or Materials

Chapter 6: Electing Your Board of Directors
Board Elections
Electronic Notices
Voting—Quorum and Proxies
Replacement of Board Members or Officers
Appointment of a Receiver

Chapter 7: Your Association and Your Money
Safeguarding Association Funds
Annual Budget Meeting
Special Assessments
Financial Audits

Chapter 8: Understanding Insurance and Who’s Liable
Property Insurance
Individual Unit Owner’s Policy
Fidelity Insurance

Chapter 9: Making Changes to Your Home
Improvements, Alterations, or Additions
Hiring Contractors

Chapter 10: Resale of Your Home or Unit

Chapter 11: Less Commonly Used Sections of the MCA and the MHAA


Appendix 1: Best Practices for Hiring a Management Company

Appendix 2: Best Practices for Hiring an Attorney